Fishermen catch a 1,076 pound Mako, second-largest shark ever from Nova Scotia waters

screen-shot-2016-08-17-at-9-53-23-amIt was a big year for the Lockeport Sea Derby with big sharks and a big turnout. There were a few records set including the biggest shark to ever be caught at the derby and a record number of people attending the event. Dylan Foote, co-ordinator of the event – which was celebrating it’s 25th year – said the derby was the most successful to date. A Mako shark caught during the derby was the second largest recorded shark ever caught in Nova Scotia waters at 1,076 pounds.  It was only three pounds lighter than a shark caught in Yarmouth many years ago. “I wish we could have beat it,” said Foote. Lobsterman Marshal Bower, captain of the High Interest out of Lockeport, caught the 11-foot, 10-inch shark. Department of Fisheries and Oceans staff cut open the belly and found two seals and a porpoise. The DFO officials said a shark that size could swim 70 kilometres per hour.  Read the story here 11:21

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