Fisherman’s widow sought to have fishing vessel seized before it sank

US_District_Court_SealThe firm that owns a fishing vessel that sank early Wednesday miles off Mount Desert Island is being sued by the widow of a Westbrook man who died in 2013 after he fell overboard from the vessel during a fishing trip, according to federal court documents. Marcia J. Gorham of Westbrook filed suit against the firm that owns the vessel, Lydia & Maya Inc., in May 2015, according to information posted online in the document database. In the complaint, Gorham alleges that her husband, Martin J. Gorham, died as a result of “the carelessness, negligence and recklessness” of the owners of the Lydia & Maya fishing vessel, which she claims was unseaworthy at the time of her husband’s death off Cape Ann, Massachusetts, on Dec. 19, 2013. Martin Gorham’s mother, Barbara A. Foster, told the Boston Herald in December 2013 that her son had been working on the deck of the Lydia and Maya at around noon when he fell overboard in rough seas without a life jacket. Read the rest here 19:13

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