Fishermen Catch Giant Swordfish, SHOCKED When They Cut It Open

swordfish surpriseA bizarre incident was recently caught on video after a few fishermen reeled in a massive swordfish. However, the situation got strange after they began to cut it open, only to make a surprising discovery inside. The location of the incident is currently unknown, but video of the ordeal is going viral after seeing what the day’s catch produced. We all know that fishermen bring things in on a daily basis and most of them have their own niche markets for whatever they want. As it turns out, these guys specialized in swordfish and managed to bring in a rather large one before attempting to dress it. However, things would take a turn as the men on the boat noticed that the large fish had a rather swollen abdomen that just wasn’t normal. Watch the video here 07:59

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  1. DickyG says:

    Everybody eats everybody!
    No doubt you can find small swords in Tuna bellies and small everythings and anythings in Dogfish bellies. Cod eggs in Herring, baby Hake in Squid, and small Flounder in Fluke bellies. A couple of Seals and a Porpoise fell out of the belly of a large Mako, and right after “Shark Week”, no less!

    So … Oceana, perhaps you can clear this up, can you show us please, from one of your ‘recent scientific studies”, which of these species did you say were “Forage” and which ones are “Predators”?

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