Ocearch says it’s found first-ever great white sharks birthing site off Montauk

great_white_shark_11Ocearch said its team of fishermen and scientists has found the first known birthing site for great white sharks on the North Atlantic Coast. After 26 expeditions, Ocearch said the birthing site in the famous waters off Montauk, Long Island is the most significant discovery they’ve ever made, reports CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor. “It’s kind of like step two in the science,” said Chris Fischer, founder of Ocearch and the expedition’s leader. “When we started this work back in 2012, 2013…  the real question was where are these sharks in the North Atlantic giving birth? Because that’s where they’re most vulnerable.” For researchers, finding the North Atlantic birthing site can lead to better protection policies and far more scientific knowledge.  Read the story here 13:26

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  1. DickyG says:

    Perhaps Ocearch, you would be interested then in stopping the hundreds of 650″ tall wind towers already being construceted in the area off of Montauk and Block Island. 1430 of these useless monstrosities from New York Bight to Nantucket are going in along the coast. But I guess if Ocearch can find a “thriving oil rig ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico” (ignoring the fact that there are some 2600 abandoned and uncapped wells leaking oil into the Gulf) you’ll be able to somehow find favorable “Great White birthing site” conditions between the wind turbines. Which brings this to a central question: why don’t you turn your funding and brilliant research talent toward something meaningful and real that would actually benefit the fish and their the ocean environment…like calling out the obvious ocean-grab by the energy industry and its minions in government?

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