Sea Shepherd launches new ship that can ‘outrun’ Japanese whalers

“For the first time we will have the speed to catch and outrun the Japanese harpoon ships, knowing speed can be the deciding factor when saving the lives of whales in the Southern Ocean,” Alex Cornelissen, Sea Shepherd Global CEO, said in a statement. The new ship — dubbed “Ocean Warrior” — is 54 meters (177 feet) long, displaces 439 tons and can reach speeds of 25 knots and higher. Japanese whaling ships are estimated to reach speeds of up to 22 knots, and Sea Shepherd’s previous ships could only reach 15 knots. A deck area also enables ship operators to dispatch small boat operations and support a helicopter. The ship was built in Turkey by Dutch shipbuilder Damen from an 8.3 million euro ($9 million) fund awarded to Sea Shepherd by the Dutch, UK and Swedish lotteries. Video, Read the rest here 19:34

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  1. peter says:

    Idiots I have no time for them or there Views….. Don’t drill for oil in the bight But happily run around the ocean for months cashing the Japanese Whale ships Burning 100s of tons of fuel.. Fuel is made from OIL.. The world needs OIL. 3.5 BILLION gallons a day to be exact 3,570,000,000.

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