New South Wales Fishers aren’t hooked by latest govt catch share plan

NiallFishers claim a “preview” share trading period is the New South Wales Government’s attempt to avoid admitting it does not understand its own commercial fishing law reforms. Anyone wishing to continue their job will be forced to buy back their rights under an industry-wide restructuring aimed at keeping fisheries sustainable. The cut-off date for fishers has now been extended to December2. Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair last week admitted his department could not explain what shares would be available and how much they would cost. The government has opened up a “preview period” to help fishers wrap their heads around what is coming – a dry run allowing them to trade mock shares without any actual money changing hands. Clarence River Fishermen’s Co-operative general manager Danielle Adams welcomed the time extension but said the government had still failed to explain what the future held for fishers. Read the story here 20:00

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