Larry the lobster strips for the camera.

lobster moltingChrista Sandall knows lobsters. As an interpreter at the Bonne Bay Marine Station in Norris Point, she spends a lot of time with the animals in the tanks and she knows when they’re acting unusual. So when she saw resident crustacean Larry the Lobster “pacing around his tank,” she knew something was up. “In each lobster tank, they have a little house and usually they’re hid right under there. But he was out kinda pacing back and forth in his tank. Actually it looked like he was doing a little dance or something like that, ” Sandall said. “That’s when I noticed his carapace, his kinda shell, had lifted off a little bit.” Sandall says most lobsters moult every one to two years as they grow larger. But witnessing it for yourself is actually pretty rare — unless of course the lobster lives at your work place in a glass tank. Watch the video, read the rest here 08:45

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