At Point Judith, Capturing The Fishing Industry’s Past and Present

Fishermen and industry advocates say there’s a real hunger among people to learn more about how fishermen do what they do. That’s why they’re planning to install interpretive signs around the fishing docks at Point Judith to answer people’s questions.  “Those signs will speak to the variety of seafood landed in this port, some of the methods that fishermen use to catch that seafood, and all the support businesses,” said Sarah Schumann, one of the project organizers. Those support businesses include seafood processors and the bait and fuel industries at Point Judith. The Point Judith fishing port is considered the top port along the eastern seaboard for landing squid, adds Captain Rodman Sykes, who has been fishing for nearly 50 years. “I don’t think a lot of people realize that so much happens right in this little neighborhood we’ve got here and to be able to explain it to them better would be a help,” said Sykes. Audio, Read the rest here 12:17

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