Skipper fined $25k for fishing in Wade Doaks Poor Knights Islands private playground

SCCZEN_SUP020916NADPOORKNIGHTS_480x270An ocean conservationist instrumental in setting up the Poor Knights Islands marine reserve has welcomed the more than $25,000 fines and costs imposed on a commercial fisherman caught fishing in the prohibited area. Wade Doak said the sentencing of Ty Thomas McQuarrie in the Whangarei District Court on Friday vindicated Northlanders who over the years have been concerned about fishing in the area which resulted in a near-depletion of fish stocks. McQuarrie, 26, of Kaitaia admitted to one charge of being a commercial fisherman who took fish by long line within one nautical mile from the mean high water mark of the reserve. McQuarrie was the skipper of Extreme Limits, a commercial fishing vessel using bottom longlining. The vessel is owned by Wild Fish (NZ). Conservationist Wade Doak said: “One episode like that shows what [would happen] if it was not severely policed.” Read the story here 13:07

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