North Carolina company plans a large-scale test of its artificial lobster bait in Nova Scotia traps later this year

Organobait-450x300Kepley Biosystems conducted a pilot study here last year and the small Greensboro, N.C., company aims to have local fishermen bait as many as 200 traps in November and December with its hockey puck-shaped tablets that, once immersed in water, mimic the smell of decomposing herring. “There’s definitely a lot of possibility to have this be a very, very disruptive technology that could bring in a lot of money,” Anthony Dellinger, the scientist who heads the company, told Local Xpress. Crustacean fishing is a $66-billion global market that now requires about 18 million tons of baitfish a year. That’s worth an estimated $20 billion annually, he said. The calcium-based tablets, dubbed OrganoBait, could eliminate the effort and resources it takes to catch bait, such as herring, that’s used to catch lobster, said Dellinger, who has a PhD in nanoscience. Read the story here 11:26

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