Fish with human-like teeth showing up in several south-eastern lakes in Michigan.

The red-bellied pacus, which has mostly a vegetarian diet, has popped up on anglers’ hooks in Lake St Clair and Port Huron, the US. Also known by its scientific name, the Piaractus brachypomus, it is rather popular among aquarium owners due to its odd, unusual square teeth that shockingly look human. The piranha-like fish was caught at least three times last month by fishermen in those south-eastern lakes. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), it’s suspected that the pacus was introduced into the lakes by people who kept them as pets. Pacus are native to the Orinoco and Amazon river flood plains and basin, the DNR says. Their unique bodies are similarly shaped to their piranha cousins, but their pointed teeth are used to crush seeds and nuts. Read the story, and a couple of others here 19:34

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