Fishing Rod-builder Jay Johnstone adds a unique quality to fishing of all kinds

21078532-large-rod-builder-jay-johnsonJay Johnstone is a craftsman, an artist in a unique genre. Feathers are his medium, a fishing rod his canvas. Johnstone is a fishing-rod builder. “Everything from trout to tuna,” he said. But they’re not just any rod with fancy wrappings. His are each adorned with feathered bases where the rod enters the handle. His productions are not only aesthetic, they’re useful – and catching on as quickly and efficiently as they catch fish. Some anglers view fishing rods as simply tools, “sticks” to use as means to an end. At the other end of the boat, however, are those of us for whom a favorite rod is a friend, a close companion bonded by every fish it lands. His rods are used by several captains on the television reality series “Wicked Tuna”. One, Dave Marciano, is on his cell phone speed-dial. Read the story here 12:42

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