EU approves Sweden’s American lobster assessment

lobsterDM0811_468x521The Swedish risk assessment of American lobster is now approved by the EU, furthering the process that could lead to American lobster being added to the list of invasive species. ‘It is of course positive that our risk assessment meets the requirements of the EU regulation,’ said Sofia Brockmark of the Swedish Agency for Maritime and Water Management (HaV). The regulation aims to prevent, minimise and mitigate the impacts of invasive alien species of animals and nature, human health or the economy. It requires Member States, inter alia, to identify how the species spread and to ensure that the spread is stopped or limited. The species on the list are also subject to various restrictions, including the ban on the import, breeding or keeping alive. Now that the risk assessment has been approved by the EU’s scientific forum for invasive alien species, it can be put forward to the EU’s executive committee. Read the story here 09:03

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