Newport lobsterman opposes plan for marine national monument

canyons-seamountsNewport lobster fisherman William Palombo is quite familiar with the territory designated for the new monument. Palombo issued his own press release Wednesday night, asserting that the inclusion of the three Atlantic Ocean canyons in the monument area will affect “100 percent” of the revenues of Palombo’s fishing vessel, the Freedom. Palombo argues that there is no immediate threat to the underwater environments. The canyon areas have been fished for more than 40 years with no damage, and lobstermen have no intention of fishing at depths deeper than 600 meters “because lobster does not reside at these … depths,” according to Palombo. “Despite the claims of proponents: the Conservation Law Foundation; the Natural Resources Defense Council; Oceana and the Pew Foundation, there are no imminent threats to the habitat and coral in these areas that require expedient action by your Administration,” says Palombo in a letter to Obama. “There are no active proposals for oil, gas, or mineral exploration, nor could there be such activity without years of environmental impact assessment and permitting review.” Read the story here 08:23

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