Extremist Anti Canadian seal hunt doc to be seen by Discovery’s millions of viewers

20160818_011004_huntwatch-webThe feature documentary Huntwatch, narrated by actor Ryan Reynolds and produced by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), will be airing on Thursday, September 22 in the United States on Discovery Impact at 10 pm, and in Canada on Animal Planet at 11 pm ET. The film follows the history of IFAW’s campaign against Canada’s East Coast commercial harp seal hunt, highlighting the unwavering courage and determination of our founder, Brian Davies.  Blending never-before-seen archival footage with more recent interviews, the documentary reveals not only the cruelty and controversy that is commonly associated with the seal hunt, but also shows the beauty and majesty of harp seals in their natural environment, the historical importance of the hunt in eastern Canada, and the political machinations that allow it to continue today. Well. Cumbia! Read the rest here 10:27

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