Chinese fishermen net rare croaker ‘as rare as a panda’ and are selling it for 1.1 million yuan ($165,093US)

A group of Chinese fishermen are expecting to sell a huge croaker they caught for 1.1 million yuan ($165,093 USD). The men were surprised to spot the fish in the waters off Daishan near the city of Zhoushan, east China, on September 18, reported People’s Daily Online. Weighing 105 pounds and measuring 5ft 2in in length, the fish was so large it took four to five men to drag it onto the boat. The fish is reportedly a rare type of croaker, known to the local fishermen as the ‘Zhoushan big fish’. ‘The fish is as rare as panda,’ said Chen, relative of one of the trawlermen who caught the fish. Chen added: ‘I haven’t seen this fish for over 20 years. It’s so blessed to catch it. Even veteran fisherman may not have that chance.’  After being caught, the fish was put in the freezer and shipped to nearby Dinghai District. According to them, the fish’s swim bladder is especially valuable as it is believed to be a great source of protein and fat. The organ is frequently used by Chinese medicine practitioners to cure heart and lung ailments. Link 15:52

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