The wave of Ocean Industrialization is building – NOAA IS BENT ON AQUACULTURE: or With friends like this….

The wave of Ocean Industrialization is building. Wind mill farms that grow nothing, Open Ocean Aquaculture, Tidal Generation (which makes sense), and Ocean Mining. It appears to some, that plunking all kinds of junk in the ocean will solve all of man kinds problems! We’ve posted quite a few articles about Ocean Industrialization lately. Featured writer Dick Grachek reminds us about NOAA’s Ocean Aquaculture philosophy. We should all be very concerned.

NOAA IS BENT ON AQUACULTURE: or With friends like this….“NOAA backs aquaculture”, SAMUEL D Rauch III, NOAA’s Deputy Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Programs, has released a statement stressing the importance of the aquaculture industry to both the US economy and the environment. Speaking on 21 August, [2012] he observed that: Read more here