Peterhead is the undisputed king of UK fish landings

UK Government figures have confirmed Peterhead’s status as Britain’s top fishing port. A total of 127,000tonnes of fish and other seafood worth a total of £111million were landed in the Blue Toon during 2015, highlighting why the port is investing £50million in a major upgrade of the facilities. The figures eclipsed the top ports in England, where Plymouth led the way for volume after a 13,400-tonne haul of fish and other seafood worth a total of £15million. Brixham was the top English port by value after a 12,400-tonne catch worth £23million. The Scottish and Northern Irish fleets caught mainly pelagic fish. White-fish species accounted for the lion’s share of the English fleet’s catch, while Welsh boats mainly caught shellfish. Read the story here 08:10

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