Help for fishing vessels to locate their catch? Why be a fisherman?!!

Big Data means that professional fishermen will soon be getting their own decision-making tool. It will tell them where fish shoals are located, and how their vessels can be operated as economically as possible. Currently, fishermen set out for sea armed with a log book, their experience and intuition. But sometimes this isn’t enough and they return empty-handed. For some time now fishermen have wanted to obtain data that can help them better predict where fish can be found. And success may be just around the corner. Vessel owners Nordnes AS and Havfisk ASA have been in the forefront of work linked to the project called ESUSHI, carried out together with researchers from SINTEF. Fishing vessels, the supply industry, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (NMI) and the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre in Bergen are now supplying massive amounts of the data they have acquired as a basis for a decision-making tool. Read the story here 08:58

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