Canada’s Fishing Industry at Risk of Major Stock Collapse

xfishingindustryboats_page_thumb_-jpg-pagespeed-ic-olfwtexq5qCanada’s $6-billion fishing industry is at risk of suffering another major stock collapse, the country’s Environment and Sustainable Development commissioner warned Tuesday. “We’re at potential risk for another stock to potentially collapse. It’s disconcerting that the department wasn’t aware of this, couldn’t wrap it up,” Julie Gelfand told reporters in Ottawa. In her fall report, Gelfand said 15 of Canada’s major fish stocks, which are considered to be critically at risk, are still being fished. Twelve of those stocks currently have no government rebuilding plan in place — a number the commissioner said they weren’t even aware of until she had completed her audit. “We gave them that number,” Gelfand said. Read the story here 10:47

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