Fishermen found clinging to cooler 23 miles off Florida coast

In his 25 years of spearfishing, Dean Brodley had never seen anything like the situation that played out in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday. Brodley put in his 28-foot power boat at Carrabelle, Fla., in the morning. Accompanying him on the boat were his friend Brandon Phillips, Phillips’ girlfriend and another friend.  “We met down at Carrabelle early, loaded up with ice and everything. We were out and about, hitting several dive spots,” said Phillips, who began spearfishing about a year ago. “We were coming back in and were going to hit one more dive spot when I saw something I didn’t recognize.” Brodley said Phillips pointed to an object off the boat’s starboard. “He spotted what looked like a buoy, just floating. And on a whim, we headed in that direction just to see what it was,” said Brodley. “About halfway to them, we could see them splashing.” As they approached, the men couldn’t believe the sight of four men, exhausted, hanging onto a floating Igloo cooler. They were 23 miles offshore. Read the rest here 15:27

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