Marystown an obvious choice for Norwegian-style salmon farm, contractor says

aqua-maof-group-marystown-sea-cagesThe company contracted to build a controversial aquaculture hatchery in Marystown says Newfoundland is the perfect place to bring its Norweigian technology — not only are weather conditions similar, but it’s closer to American buyers.  “I think Grieg [Seafarms] is looking at the horizon,” said Yoav Dagan, vice president of Aqua Moaf Group.  “It’s going to extend their shelf life. They will not have to take the fish from Norway to Poland and then to go back to process. They’re going to process it on site here in Canada and to track it right away to the U.S. market.” According to a news release issued Tuesday, construction on the hatchery and nursery facility will begin in 2017 and will use recirculating aquaculture system [RAS] technology. (How do they do that with the sea cages?) The company said it will use 11 sea cages to grow and harvest 33,000 annual tonnes of Atlantic salmon. According to Aqua Moaf, it will be the largest and most advanced salmon harvesting facility in the world.  “It’s everything that the client wants, it’s antibiotic free and environmentally [friendly] so this is where we are going,” Dagan told CBC Radio’s The Broadcast.  “If you come to our farms you will see that we are zero discharge, so basically we do not release anything into the environment. Everything is recycled. We treat the waste so basically the waste that is going out is coming out as a solid.” (something ain’t stackin’ up here.) Video, Read the story here. 17:50

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