North Carolina’s seafood deliveries continue in wake of Hurricane Matthew

matthew-nc-croppedWhile the flooding continues in North Carolina and portions of major highways remain closed, seafood distributors and wholesalers in the state are continuing to make deliveries following Hurricane Matthew’s landfall. “It is challenging to get to some places, but overall, we are getting our orders out. Our drivers are finding ways to do it,” said a source with the Charlotte, N.C, office for Inland Seafood, a major seafood distributor based in Atlanta. Major portions of Interstate 95 and Interstate 40 are still closed, causing headaches for seafood deliveries to restaurants and retailers. And some businesses along the N.C. coast were without power until 11 October and 12 October. “We were spared with the winds, but with all that water coming in – and rivers at a record high –we dealing with the aftermath,” said Lin Peterson, co-owner of Raleigh, N.C.-based Locals Seafood, a wholesaler, retailer and community supported fishery (CSF). “We just focus on seafood off the N.C. coast, so we are really affected when this happens.” Read the story here 11:49

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