Interesting Interview with Fisherman/UFC veteran Cody “AK Kid” McKenzie

Can you run down some of work you’ve done outside MMA? I’ve had lots of jobs, I’ve roofed, I’ve fished, cut wood, I can’t think of all the jobs I’ve done. I actually used to have a car washing business when I was really young. I grew up around gill netters, gill netting for salmon, for red, sockeyes, all different kinds of salmon, and then I also seine for salmon, which is just a different type of fishing, and then last year, after the seine season, I went up to the Bering Sea and did king crab out there. That’s the one everyone watches on The Deadliest Catch. It was good work, it was hard work, long hours, but I enjoyed it a lot. I really like fishing. A lot of people in the fight game try to insult me, saying ‘Go back fishing, you’re not a fighter,’ and I just get a good laugh, because it’s like, yeah I enjoy fishing, it’s good hard work, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, I worked for a living, and nowadays some of these MMA fighters think that’s a bad thing. It’s kinda become a rich kids’ sport where you need twelve coaches and a nutritionist, it’s a different sport from when I got into it for sure, but to each their own. Read the interview here 09:16

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