Lu Dochtermann’s letter to James W.  Balsiger – You should read it.

lu-dockhtorman-croppedAlso addressed are Glenn G. Merrill — Sustainable Fisheries Administrator, and Penny Pritzker, Secretary U.S. Department of Commerce. He cover’s a lot of territory in the letter from by-catch, to catch shares. Dear Sirs: You are both aware of our vessels, F/V North Point and F/V Stormbird who fish BSAI & GOA halibut, crab, and tender salmon in Bristol Bay — and of my significant investment in vessels, pots, gear and quotas for those grounds. Likewise, that my investment is enormously impacted when unforgiving behavior in the trawl groundfish industrialized mega-sized effort strikes at the heart of the sustainability for other bottommost stocks. ,,, In perspective with the fact that “Greed is Good” is increasingly the main motivator in all aspects of economic societies, it is particularly seemly omnipotent in the globalized fishing business, where “bigger is always better” and “the little guy” is meant to be squeezed out as the ‘market liberalization’ theory’s resource corrupt room gets smaller. Read the letter, click here 16:18

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