The U.S. Labor Department suing Intershell over workers’ wages

5807c2b6c5d20-imageThe suit, filed Oct. 4 in U.S. District Court in Boston, seeks at least $275,000 from Intershell for back wages and liquidated damages. The Labor Department said Ultimate Advance Corp., which provides Intershell with temporary workers, is jointly liable for about $116,000 of the total amount being sought. The federal department said an investigation by its wage and hour division revealed that Intershell owners Monte Rome and his wife Yibing Gao-Rome, in conjunction with Ultimate Advance, violated federal law by not paying overtime to 55 workers responsible for cutting, cleaning and packing seafood.It said Intershell had been involved in the violations since February 2013 and Ultimate Advance since 2015. The suit also charges the defendants failed to keep accurate records of employees’ work hours and provided inaccurate payroll records to the division’s investigators. It accused them of  “improperly deducting from certain employees’ pay the cost of cleaning their uniforms.”  Read the rest here 19:58

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