Tasmanian researchers say Scallop deaths linked to seismic surveys being carried out on seabed

459292-16x9-largeA link can be drawn between seismic testing for mineral resources and scallop deaths, Tasmanian researchers say. The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation has released findings of a four-year study into the impact of marine seismic surveys on south-east Australian lobster and scallop populations. The study began after Tasmanian fisherman were convinced seismic testing carried out by the Victorian Government in Bass Strait in 2010 caused a massive die-off. Seismic testing involves firing soundwaves into the ocean floor to detect the presence of oil or gas reserves. Bridport fisherman Allan Barnett was hit hard from the 2010 mass mortality. “The industry blames the seismic activity for the death of virtually all the scallops in that bed which was 24,000 tonne — about $70 million worth,” he said. Read the story here 10:24

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