Lost men will be remembered with a bell

b88391109z1_20161023191839_000g0gc9c6o2-0-dd0jf9hf1tz1ud0x3n2_t460ON THE edge of the water at the Bundaberg Port stands a bell. It is a memorial for Matt Roberts and David Chivers, the same bell that would have been rung on the Cassandra. On Saturday, more than 100 people gathered to remember the men. Richard Brown, general manager of Markwell Fisheries which owned the trawler, said the company donated the bell so family, friends and fellow fishermen could have a place to pay their respects. “One of the hard things in this situation, when you talk about someone lost at sea, is there is no closure,” Mr Brown said. “The idea behind it is to give the family some kind of closure, which I think we achieved – the families were very pleased.” The bell is a symbol of boats and fishing, “a passion for both the boys”. “It’s not often everyone gets to gather together, and for the fishing industry to come together; a lot of stories and memories come out. Read the story here 09:12 Massive air and sea search near Fraser Island for missing prawn trawler “Cassandra” fishermen click here 09:21

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