How a national craze caused lobster prices to boil over

The coast-to-coast craze of lobster roll food trucks has made lobster more affordable, and abroad the appetite for the crustaceans is growing as well, experts say.”The demand for this product now is really unprecedented,” said Annie Tselikis, marketing director for Maine Coast Co., a live lobster wholesaler based in York, Maine. She spoke Monday just before boarding a flight for a seafood trade show in South Korea, a major customer of North American lobsters along with China and others. According to John Sackton, one of the chief reasons prices are so high in August, September and October is “because the processors are buying lobster for customers such as lobster roll trucks, competing with the live lobster buyers. And that’s pushed up the price for lobster overall.” As a result, fresh lobster meals at some well-known Boston seafood restaurants are going nearly $60 for the 2- or 2.5-pound lobster and about $44 for the 1.25-pound. In Maine, lobster dinners at fine dining locations can set you back around $50, and in New York City and California you’re looking at upward of $70. Read the rest here 10:31

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