Stonington first selectman insulted by DEEP Capt. Keith Williams “keep them honest” comment about fishermen

ar-161009893-jpgmaxw960q75Capt. Keith Williams stated “I’ll check when they’re offloading, doing surprise checks at the dock. We’ll go to the docks in Stonington frequently just to keep them honest, and let them know we’re out there.” (click here) First Selectman Rob Simmons has written a letter to state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Robert Klee, complaining about a comment that the new head of the marine division of the Environmental Conservation Police made about members of the town’s fishing fleet in an interview with The Day. The comments came as he discussed the responsibilities of the marine division. Simmons said this week that the comment implies that Town Dock fishermen are breaking the law or are considering it. In his letter to Klee, Simmons pointed out the long economic and cultural importance of the fleet, and said to “single out Stonington from all of the other coastal towns who support commercial and recreational fishing, and to suggest that we are not honest, is an unacceptable insult.” Read the rest here 07:13

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