25 Years ago. Seaport says goodbye to men lost at sea

GLOUCESTER— This historic seaport, which has lost as many as 10,000 of its fishermen at sea over the centuries, bade a tearful farewell to three more at a crowded funeral yesterday. More than 1,000 people packed St. Ann’s Church for a Mass in the memory of four of the fishermen — three of them from Gloucester — presumed to have died when the fishing vessel Andrea Gail was lost off the coast of Canada during last month’s northeaster. “The sea was their domain. They knew it well,” said Rev. Richard Casey, of Gloucester natives Frank W. (Billy) Tyne, 37, David P. Sullivan, 29, and Robert Shatford, 30, who were among six aboard the ill-fated fishing vessel. Father Casey urged those in attendance to mourn not only the three, but the “other brave people who gave their lives for Gloucester and its fishing industry.” Read the story here 13:48

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