Last call at Mitch’s

The news that Mitch’s was closing for good arrived with all the notice of a pink slip, hearkening the wisdom of former Red Sox manager Joe Morgan, who could not fathom watching drag racing and described it thusly: “The flag is up, they’re off. It’s over.” So it was with the venerable watering hole and restaurant that has graced the lower end of Rogers Street for more than 40 years. The flag went up late Friday night, when owner Steve Bertolino got news that the owners of the building at 18 Rogers St. — Mark and Jay Salah — were selling the property to Deo Braga, who owns the Azorean restaurant and eight Dunkin’ Donuts franchises on Cape Ann. On Monday, responding to the beating drums of social media and the city’s own intranet of bar gossip, Mitch’s was packed once again in advance of her scuttling. They came for one last beer and one last story, to bask in the sepia-tinged memories that, assembled without directions, still somehow managed to form a reasonable facsimile of life then as opposed to life now. They came to hear fisherman Paul “Sasquatch” Cohan and his band rock the place into darkness. They came to say goodbye. Read the story here 09:01

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