Marine Accidents Investigation Branch: Make wearing lifejackets on fishing boats compulsory

ORA pfdThe wearing of lifejackets on commercial fishing boats should be made compulsory, accident investigators have said. This year had been “particularly bad” for drownings, the Marine Accidents Investigation Branch (MAIB) warned. It had launched investigations into nine deaths of commercial fishermen who were on UK registered vessels in 2016 so far. The MAIB’s chief inspector of marine accidents, Steve Clinch, said: “The MAIB rarely recommends the introduction of new legislation to solve safety problems, but the rate that commercial fishermen are losing their lives due to drowning shows no sign of reducing. “Indeed, this has been a particularly bad year: the MAIB has investigated the deaths of nine commercial fishermen, and today is publishing three reports covering the deaths of four. But he claimed this message “is not getting home” despite a three-year campaign which has seen almost every commercial fisherman receive a free lifejacket. Read the story here 07:26

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