Their strange route home led them to a rescue

A couple whose fishing vessel was in the right place at the right time helped rescue a pair of kayakers stranded near Squalicum Harbor on Friday night. Bob Gudmundson and Melinda Sweet, owners of Desire Fish Co. were headed back from Anacortes, where they sell fish a few days every week, Sweet said by phone Saturday afternoon. The pair set out in Desire, their 37-foot gill netter, about 5 p.m., and were hit with heavy winds as they drew closer to Squalicum Harbor. The weather forced the couple closer to shore, deviating from their more typical track in deeper water, Sweet said. Around 7:20 p.m., Gudmundson and Sweet suddenly noticed they were cruising close to an unlit day marker, used for guiding vessels, about 400 yards from shore near Squalicum Harbor. They veered away, but soon heard whistling and screaming from the direction of the marker. Sweet ran out the galley door. Read the story here 21:20

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