The Prime Minister of Canada announces the National Oceans Protection Plan

justin trudeau
Whether facing the Atlantic, Pacific or Arctic oceans, the health and protection of our coasts are critical to our environment, our economy, and to all Canadians. Today, Canada is announcing a marine safety plan that meets – or exceeds – international standards and is supported by commitments to Indigenous co-management, environmental protections, and science-based standards.   Canada has the longest coastline in the world. Our coasts support traditional Indigenous and coastal community livelihoods, enable the export and import of our goods overseas, are home to abundant Canadian fisheries, attract tourism, and play a key role in strengthening the economy and growing our middle class. It is therefore vital for Canada to have a plan to ensure that our coasts are protected in a modern and advanced way that ensures environmental sustainability, safe and responsible commercial use, and collaboration with coastal and Indigenous communities. In order to meet these objectives, the Prime Minister today announced a $1.5 billion national Oceans Protection Plan. The Oceans Protection Plan has four main priority areas: Read the press release here 19:17

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