Tara Marie: Reasons why the “Deadliest Catch” is fake

introThe Deadliest Catch is yet another reality show that focuses on the blue-collar world of an unassuming job, one that we all know, but none us know, you know? This time, it’s the high stakes life of a fishermen. It makes sense that The Deadliest Catch is fake — it’s about fishing, fishing is boring, ergo a non-boring fishing show cannot possibly exist — but there’s a lot more to it than that. Read on … How in the hell do you fake a storm, of all things? Even the X-Men can’t do that! Well, it’s really simple: you pay the government to borrow their weather-controlling device and then viola! insta-storm. Okay, no. See, what actually happened is, there was flooding in the show at one point, but flooding isn’t that exciting. You know what is exciting? A storm that is so bad, it’s threatening to capsize the boat! Oh no, they’re all going to die! How was it done? Simple,,, Read the rest here 12:20

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