Perhaps this will help today – Shifting to the Other Side

web1_gary-wilson-webA small shift can make a major difference in the harvest we reap. Peter along with Thomas, Nathanael, James, John and two other disciples decide they are going fishing (John 21:1-11). Most of these men were professional fishermen before Jesus called them. These men knew how to fish. They knew what it would take to catch fish. They had been catching fish for the majority of their lives. Fishermen understand what it takes to catch fish. Fishing sometimes calls for us to use different types and styles of bait. Fishing can also require us to change locations until we can find the fish. Fishermen have to be versatile in their approach to catching fish. Peter and his friends fished all night from the same side of the boat and caught nothing. Jesus came walking on the shore the next morning asking, “Children have you any meat”? They answered no. “Cast your net on the other side.” Read the rest here 09:53

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