Dragger still keeled over

The Blue Ocean fishing boat continues to languish on the tides near the far end of Niles Beach as the Coast Guard gets ready this week to pump out the fuel remaining in its sealed tank, according to Gloucester Harbormaster T. J. Ciarametaro. The 64-year-old wooden Eastern-rigged dragger broke anchor late Thursday night in high winds and drifted toward the beach. It remains about 50 yards off the far end of Niles Beach at low tide, partially submerged and keeled over onto its starboard side. During the weekend, the Coast Guard installed a floating containment collar around the vessel as a preventative measure against any leaks or ruptures that could send any environmental hazards into the water. “Right now, there has been no pollution into the water and there are no leaks or environmental hazards,” Ciarametaro said, adding that the boat has about 100 gallons of fuel remaining in its sealed tanks. Read the story here 21:23

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