Sanctuary Idea Flawed – Renee Kelly

baltimore-canyon-smallI write in response to the recent story headlined, “Fishing Industry Voices Concern With Possible Offshore Sanctuary Idea; Official Provisions Sought Before Designation Considered.” My husband is a commercial fisherman who used to fish the Straits of Florida. This is exactly the tactics that were used and exactly how the procedure started in Florida. That area, within six months, became a National Sanctuary, closed to all commercial fishing. I am not sure about the sport or recreational fishing. The first article about this in The Dispatch noted something about [the National Aquarium] would allow “appropriate” commercial fishing and recreational fishing in the Baltimore Canyon after this designation (if approved by vote on their website). Who deems what “appropriate” means? They will shut down the entire commercial fishing area regardless. This is the beginning of the end. Commercial fishermen are already taxed, permitted and regulated to near death. Now they will be evicted from their place of work. Read the rest here (scroll down a bit when it opens) 16:18

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