If you are tired of the morning commute and office life, watch this salmon troller working and start packing. 

Almost everyone who has ever fished has wanted to make money fishing. Some of these people become guides, some fish tournaments, but a special breed become commercial fisherman. There are many different types of commercial fishing but some of the most skilled and unique are the salmon trollers. Instead of nets, trollers use an expanded version of the hook and line method. The type of troller in the video is a power troller. They use hydraulic power to raise and lower gurdies with steel wire that multiple hooks are attached to. Power trollers are allowed to use four lines total and as many hooks as they want. Trolling wire is marked at 1, 1 1/2, or 2 fathom intervals where the leaders are snapped on. The four lines will have a mixture of bait, metal spoons, plastic hoochies, and plugs attached depending on a myriad of factors including target species, depth, and the fisherman’s personal preference. I should note before everyone buys plane tickets, that you can’t just come up and start fishing. Video, read the rest here 12:49

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