Putting safety at sea first with man-overboard drills

With the start of the commercial lobster fishery on the south shore just days away, safety at sea messages are being delivered to local wharves by the Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia and industry partners through man overboard drills and demonstrations. “The overboard drills are done under the heading, Are you ready?” said Stewart Franck, executive director of the Fisheries Safety Association and a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP). “We want people to think as they are going through their vessels to check their safety gear, their safety equipment and safety supplies. Do a self-check on health and safety.” Make sure safety equipment such as life rings and overboard ladders are easily accessible and not entangled in rope or gear, advises Franck. “The first time you go to use it isn’t the time to find out that you can’t get at it,” he said. “You can waste valuable time getting to equipment.” Read the story here 09:29

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