Northern cod plan kept from harvesters, FISH-NL’s Ryan Cleary says, FFAW Fires Back

ryan-cleary-st-john-sAlmost six months after the FFAW and a number of seafood processors pitched it to the federal government, the breakaway group says it has obtained a copy of the 2016 Northern Cod Management Plan. Ottawa approved the plan in early August. Despite numerous public requests, the FFAW refused to release a copy to its membership, FISH-NL said in a news release Friday. “The stewardship plan is the most important document involving northern cod since the 1992 moratorium and not only weren’t fish harvesters consulted, the final plan was kept secret from them,” FISH-NL president Ryan Cleary said. Harvesters around the province have complained they weren’t consulted before the plan was handed down. Read the rest here. FFAW Press Release – Today, FISHNL’s Ryan Cleary called into question whether there should be an inshore northern cod fishery. Read the press release here 13:58

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