Fogo Island fish harvesters trained to deploy oil boom

glen-best-fogo-islandA group of fish harvesters on Fogo Island is now trained to deploy an oil containment boom if a spill were to happen in local fishing areas. The harvesters practiced deploying and recovering a containment boom by the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland. “A lot of fisherman are not big on academics and courses,” said Glen Best, a local fisherman. “But this is something they can enjoy because it’s hands on, applies to them and they can use it. It can be a real benefit.” Best and the other fish harvesters started the day with a classroom session and wrapped up on the water in Seldom harbour, deploying the orange boom and its yellow anchors beside a wharf. “We have a long coastline, lots of isolated, rural communities and resources are not always available for a spill.” “It’s in our best interest to be trained and have this equipment and to be able to take care of the problem when it arises,” said Best.  Read the story here 11:12

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