Pinched! Why Canadian Lobster in Unaffordable to most Canadians

The lobster salad at Toronto’s Nota Bene has been on the menu since George Bush’s son was U.S. president (that is, 2008). So when the dish of steamed Nova Scotia lobster, maple-smoked bacon, preserved dill, avocado and buttermilk ranch dressing disappeared in early fall, regulars noticed. Servers told querying patrons that the quality of lobster was not up to par. The harder truth was that the crustacean had gotten too rich for our blood. In the past five years, co-owner David Lee watched per-pound cost rise from around $9 to $12. Even if Nota Bene charged $29 for the appetizer, the dish would be unprofitable. “The price is just crazy,” Lee says. “And there’s only so much the guest will pay for lobster.” When it reached $16 a pound in September, he took the salad off the menu. People love to tell you, with the fanfare of revealing that Michael Caine’s real name is Maurice Micklewhite, that lobster was once so inexpensive and undesirable that it was fed to servants and prisoners. However, this is not back in the day. And to anyone fewer than 100 years old and not living on the Atlantic, lobster is a delicacy. Read the story here 13:34

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