Fishing company Sanford Limited rails against Hauraki Gulf “Sea Change” plan

3-hauraki-gulf-jpegThe plan called Sea Change -Tai Timu Tai Pari was unveiled in Auckland last night and suggests a blueprint to tackle growing problems like depleted seafood stocks, sediment damage and pressure from population growth around the gulf. Four years in the making, the collaborative blueprint consulted 14 community and governmental groups to find a way to improve the health and sustainability of the Hauraki Gulf. To reverse declining fish stocks it wants to phase out fishing methods such as trawling, Danish Seining, set netting and dredging. It suggests commercial fishing companies should instead concentrate on producing higher-quality fish, caught using long-lines. The fishing company Sanford is the biggest fisher in the area holding about 40 percent of the quotas in the Hauraki Gulf. The recommendations in the plan were based on emotions, not science, Sanford chief executive Volker Kuntzsch said. Read the story here 16:21

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