FISH-NL takes its message to Port de Grave

722xwvbqFISH-NL (Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador) is just about finished its provincial tour, with a scheduled late-afternoon meeting Wednesday in Torbay being the last stop for now. But a few hours before that, president Ryan Cleary and fellow FISH-NL executive Jason Sullivan met with a few harvesters at St. Luke’s Church Hall. Less than 10 people showed up, and Cleary said that wasn’t unexpected, given Port de Grave is among the ports where inshore harvesters still have it pretty good thanks to a strong crab fishery. “3L is a little different from anywhere else in the province,” Cleary told The Compass prior to the meeting. “It’s doing better because the crab is still good, because money is coming in and people are not suffering here like they are everywhere else.” Read the story here 17:12

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