Venezuelan fishermen turn to piracy as industry collapses

ven-piracyAs Venezuela continues on its downward spiral into economic collapse, in the coastal state of Sucre, out-of-work fishermen have turned to piracy, killing dozens who still venture out into the open sea, trying to make a living. was once home to the world’s fourth-largest tuna fleet. But the fishing industry, along with almost every industry in Venezuela has collapsed, and people have become desperate. It is a desperation born out of being unemployed, having no money to feed their families, and looking at a future that seems to be bleak and empty. So gangs of pirates have been formed, and they prey on those who still try to venture out to fish, stealing their catch and motors. They gangs don’t stop at just stealing, they quite often tie fishermen up and throw them overboard or shoot them, said Associated Press And a dead fisherman’s family is not safe from the gangs, either.  Read the rest here 20:11

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