Nearby vessel rescues 6-member crew after boat fire off Burin Peninsula

fire-cape-mariner-michael-clementsOne of the six people onboard a fishing vessel that caught fire Thursday morning off the Burin Peninsula says they’re “all very lucky” and credits a nearby boat for coming to their rescue. Michael Clements said he had been fishing onboard the Cape Mariner and getting ready to haul the boat’s gear back in. “There was an explosion down in the engine room and flames came out and the wheelhouse filled up with smoke and we had to get off the boat,” he told CBC News. Clements said the Southern Mariner was also out fishing about five miles away and responded to the blaze. “We thank them as much as we can, to get there and get us so quickly, ” said Clements. He said there were no injuries, which he credits to the quick rescue, but the Cape Mariner is damaged. Video, more images, read the rest here 10:07

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