Operation Lobster set to commence at Halifax Stanfield International Airport

Millions of dollars worth of Nova Scotia seafood will be shipped overseas again this holiday season and, once again, Halifax Stanfield International Airport will play a key role in the huge operation. Indeed, due to the success of the cargo business at Halifax Stanfield, a new 17,000 square metre cargo pad has been built for these freighter’s to utilize. “This time of the year is the busiest for our cargo business,” says Bert van der Stege, Halifax International Airport Authority (HIAA) vice president, business development and chief commercial officer.  “Each cargo flight that leaves Halifax Stanfield generates approximately $1 million in new exports for the province.  “The cargo freighters have already started their holiday schedules and once the month of December is complete we estimate more the $15 million in lobster will have been sent from Halifax Stanfield.” Read the story here 10:21

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