Ryan Cleary risking it all for FISH-NL – ‘I’m doing this because I believe in it’

Ryan Cleary has been called a liar, a narcissist, an opportunist and more, but the leader of FISH-NL is fighting back, saying he’s sacrificing a lot because he believes strongly in the movement he’s leading. Cleary is not taking a salary, has racked up 9,000 kilometres on his vehicle travelling throughout the province, and put his own financial security in jeopardy. “I’ve cashed in my RRSPs to do what I’m doing right now because I believe in what I’m doing and I believe in taking any kind of salary would take away from my credibility,” told CBC News Wednesday And for those who question his honesty, Cleary issued this challenge: “For those who call me a liar and a narcissist, I have one question; About what? What am I lying about?”  Read the story here 17:43

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